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For so many years, I've wanted to tell my story, my ongoing journey of madness

and beautiful moments. It took years and a ton of soul searching to realize that maybe

my story could inspire others.  That maybe my moments that I thought were pivotal,

would actually help others to understand theirs. That my lows were relatable

and can somehow change the mindsets of my readers in a positive way. 

Writing has always been a release for me and a natural outlet from a very young age. 

Journaling became a way of life. A way of getting my thoughts on paper, on the screen,

and allowing myself to experience the ultimate freedom of speech without judgement

or criticism.  Writing became a gift.  And now, I want to share it with others.

In addition to the written word, I will also be adding in podcasts and writings

from others that I hope can inspire my readers as well.  We all have stories to tell. 

I can only hope that mine touches the minds and hearts of my readers.

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