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Welcome to Be Your Biggest Fan!

Hi there. My name is Jen and I'm a writer.

Over the past few years, I've realized how influential the written word can be on social media. Sharing my experiences and allowing others into my world has been enlightening, powerful, and somewhat life changing.

So, I thought... Maybe it's time to expand my reach. Maybe it's time to take this one step further.

In more recent years, I have undergone what I like to call a transformation. This is an ongoing sort of self evolution that has changed my way of thinking and ultimately my way of life.

As you get to know me, you will get to know my story, my motivation, my heart and my fire. But there's more ...

The idea behind my blog and podcast is to use them as platforms for self expression, to allow free thinking and to share not only my own stories, but the stories of others with the ultimate planned result of uplifting others.

The big reason, the main reason why I want to share is so that these experiences, challenges, suffering and accomplishments, might in some way help someone else. Someone who questions their own actions, their own ideas. Someone who has been broken and still survived.

Welcome friends.


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